CAUSE OF CAVITIES (n. Harris Remix)



June 18th - Lanford Black / The Good Wives / The Mountain Flowers

Barboza, Seattle, WA / $10 / 7PM / 21+

party pants, dad shoes, and peculiar necklaces...


Party pants, dad shoes, and peculiar necklaces are preferred by The Good Wives; a Seattle-based, indie-rock quartet whose noisy, hook-filled guitars and infectious positive energy have been steadily captivating hearts in dive bars, theaters, and arcades across the Pacific Northwest. The East Portland Blog hails their “catchy, melodic pop tunes," while Alison from the indie-music blog Abduction Radiation declares, “their songs just make me want to dance.”

The Good Wives originated as lead singer Jacob Bruggman's solo project. After merging with local guitarists Nicholas Alexander and Shane Berg, the project quickly developed into a full-fledged band. Following the release of two notable EPs within two years, drummer Brent Nelson joined the trio solidifying the full line-up. Currently embarking on the arduous task of recording their debut full-length record, Bruggman remarks, “it feels as if we’ve finally found our voice as a band.”

The confident, expansive sound of the upcoming full length reflects the band’s new found voice in a big way. The most likely radio single “Lonely Again” brandishes an achingly beautiful guitar riff and evokes a yearning to start anew. Bruggman’s distinctive vocals punctuate the unruly, fist-pumping anthem “Haul Us Off” as he enthuses, “let’s quit our jobs, take whatever we want, make some noise before they haul us off!”  However it’s “Give it a Go” that is perhaps the most explosive track; hitting hard with a sonic force of frenzied guitars and drums before surrendering to a sigh, “being with you beats being alone.” Bruggman’s intentionally oblique lyrics never fail to lure the listener into his tenderly crafted world and make you feel like you belong there. The haunting and seductively hypnotic “Cause of Cavities” is a testimony to this as Bruggman softly implores, “tell me something so sticky sweet it rots holes right through my teeth.” And there is no doubt he is singing to you.

The release date for the new record is still TBD. The Good Wives couldn't be more excited about where they are at this very moment, “we’re recording the best record we can, then we want to represent that the best we can on stage and share our good times with other people.”


Vocals, Guitar / Jacob Bruggman
Guitar, Bass / Nicholas Alexander
Guitar, Bass / Shane Berg
Drums / Brent Nelson


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The track really updates the song to the sound of 2015: with the electronic-atmospheric quality of the track tuned up, the song glistens in new ways. An added layer of edgy nostalgic tension is embedded deep within, a standard characteristic of these guys' touch. There's even incredible instrumental development with that fervent guitar riffage winding about. It's cerebral and futuristic, divine and has me losing my mind.

Josh Pineda IndieBeat (July 31st, 2015)

Alternative Rising Acts and IndieBeat favorites The Good Wives have released two new demos to add to their ever expanding catalog of grooving indie rock. Check out the two amazing tracks filled with epic guitar riffs and infectious melodies

Josh Pineda IndieBeat (March 10,2015)

Starting off the whole evening was Seattle’s own The Good Wives. The Good Wives are a young four-piece outfit that played catchy, melodic pop tunes with lots of guitar hooks. Lots of good positive energy in this band and I hope to be seeing more of them in the future. They’re worth checking out.

Holly Homan East Portland Blog (January 19, 2015)

"With the evident influences of mid-west folk it is only a surprise to find that The Good Wives are not based in a prairie, rather in the far north west of the country. Perhaps it is from this juxtaposition that they are able to invest the music with urban cynicism, which gives the resulting music a granular presence that brings the sounds to life. Whatever it may be, I suggest spending some time with the trio will find you in a good space."

Tim Whale Emerging Indie Bands (July 7, 2014)

"These rockers are swaying & rocking tunes with bluesy and post-punk and a splash of rockabilly charm that absolutely glow radiantly."

Tim Forker Forkster (July 2, 2014)

"The guitar on “Postpartum” is literally eargasmic; the percussions are kept relatively lowkey but man the guitar really shines on this track. Listening to this EP gives a bit of a homey feeling because it is pretty upbeat, and songs like “Man Like Me” just make me want to dance."

Alison Abduction Radiation (June 26, 2014)*

"Before wrapping up with Postpartum, the earworm award has to go to Never Speak Again celebrating the bittersweet relief of a little social cleansing. Clearing out the deadwood may not be such a bad thing after all, especially when it sounds this good."

Tania G. A Higher Revelation (June 13, 2014)

"Ramshackle and charming, The Good Wives are an indie-folk proposition with real personality."

The Music News Site (May 12, 2014)

"These tunes — co-produced by the band and Matt McMonagle — might pack a more than sufficient amount of energy, but there’s also something calm, cool and collected about them as they shoot for Ryan Adams’ style laid back territory rather than Arctic Monkeys’ instantly infectious hooks. That said, their songs are not without the latter’s charm, the delightful “Never Speak Again” especially. There’s also a bit of a Buddy Holly vibe with songs like “Hero in the Story” and ‘Man Like Me” packing vintage guitar riffs that are simple yet glorious."

Michael McCarthy, Love Is Pop (May 05, 2014)